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Helpful Documents To Aid In Running A Pantry or Meal Site

What is A Food Bank?
A non-profit organization that procures and distributes food and grocery products to non-profit member organizations such as food pantries, onsite feeders, etc.
What Is A Food Pantry?
A non-profit organization that distributes food for home use directly to individuals and families that meet established eligibility requirements.

The following documents and guides may prove helpful in running your food distribution site. Click the links to download. A description of each form appears below the download button.

Fighting Hunger 101 ManualHelps give you an idea of what may be needed to start a Food Pantry in your community. It is not all-inclusive but is intended to help answer some questions you may have.
TEFAP Handbook Section 4TEFAP Handbook Section 4
The Agency Intake SheetThis form must be submitted by all member agencies that pick up donations from grocery stores in our 13-county area. MUST BE LOGGED IN TO VIEW.
TEFAP AgreementThe Emergency Food Assistance Program Agreement Between Contracting Entity and Site.
Emergency Food AssistanceThis form must be filled out and is required in order to receive USDA Foods through TEFAP.
Income Eligibility GuidelinesThe Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP), Income Eligibility Guidelines for 2023-2024.
TEFAP Participant AgreementParticipant Agreement, Rights, Obligations, and Fair Hearing Request.
Justice For All PosterDeclaration of civil rights, regulations and policies.
Beneficiary Referral RequestThe Emergency Food Assistance Program and the Commodity Supplemental Food Program Beneficiary Referral Request
Civil Rights TrainingOnline Education and Self Study. This webinar provides an overview of the new administrative review process.
Healthy Choices Tool KitAn extensive collection of healthy eating resources. Password required to access.

Change of InformationThis form is used to inform the Food Bank of all significant changes to your program so that our records accurately represent your program.